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The End (Or The Beginning)


It started 5 years ago today, the end of 2009, with a post titled “The Beginning (Or The End)“. I was committed to my anonymity, sure that I would never share any photos or details pertinent enough to lead to my real life or name. Because the internet was full of dangerous strangers, and I refused to compromise myself in such a way. But… I needed to write. I needed to get it all out there; this ache I couldn’t seem to rid myself of any other way. The first two lines I ever wrote were: Conciseness is not my specialty. I will be up front and clear about that from the beginning. And over the years, I have remained true to at least that. I also wrote: People try to comfort you by telling you that you can adopt when the right man comes in your life. Adoption has always been an option for me. I love kids so much, and I’ve always known that I could love and care for a child who wasn’t mine as much as I could one who was. I’ve always planned on being a foster parent and adopting later in life, I’ve always …

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